Second Round of Midterms and RA Application

I know its been over a week since I last posted. I’m getting back into midterm mode, so hang in there with me!

RA Application

racaptureI officially turned in my RA application for next year! Friday is my interview and I cannot wait to get that over with. I know that I will do well and I am looking forward to getting the position!

Here are a few reasons as to why I want to be an RA:

  1. I love bringing people up. Everyone should be able to enjoy success regardless of status, race, major, etc.
  2. When it comes resources, they should be shared. In that sense, I believe that its about who you know and what you know. I made it my job to know a lot of things and a lot of people. If I don’t know, I know someone who does.
  3. One of the many things I was taught growing up is that being a leader means sharing knowledge. This ties back into the other two. I cannot sit back and have others struggle when I am or have the resources to help them.
  4. I just think it would be fun and I already have a friend who wants to be my co-RA!

Some people do apply to be an RA for the room and board, but in my case, I don’t need that. With my scholarship, I get a decent refund so I don’t have to worry about room and board. For me, the RA position would be a great experience and definitely get me out of my comfort zone a bit more!


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