The Longest Day

Yesterday I had a long day. It was eventful and I am glad that it is over.

Chem Exam II

Yesterday I had my second chem exam and everything went well I would say. Yeah… So I made a big mistake that may cost me just a few points. I am learning something called spectroscopy: methods allowing me to determine the structure of a molecule/compound based on data. The data told me that there was a Chlorine (Cl) atom in the formula. I did all my calculations with Cl, but when I got to the final formula/answer, I put Bromine (Br). I do not know why I put Bromine, but I did. I know I will not get docked too many points, but I just made a stupid mistake. I bet the teaching assistants are wondering how I got Bromine…

RA Interview

So over the course of two and a half weeks, I was working on a Resident Assistant application. I just so happened to place my interview time slot right after my chem midterm. So I woke up yesterday at 8am and put on my suit and went to my exam Little did I know I would finish the exam early and get a whole hour to prepare for my interview. I returned to my room and relaxed a bit and calmed my nerves. When 10am hit, I went to the interview location and awaited my turn.

The interview was round-robin style. Each of the interviewees were given an envelope with different colored papers in it that corresponded to the tables and themes of each table in the interview room. Each theme was vital to the RA position and were as follows: Programming, Community, Teamwork, Engagement(?), and Self-Awareness.When we approached one of the five tables, we were to give the interviewers the colored paper so they could evaluate us. At each table, there was an RA and a Resident Director or someone higher/equivalent. We each had 5 mins to answer the two questions presented to us at the table. When time was up, on to the next table.

Table 1 – Programming

I know table one was Programming because this is the table I went to first and the most memorable I would say. I also went to this table because the prostaff that was there was the Assistant Resident Director for my building. Oddly enough, he was more nervous than I was and refused to shake my hand because he was sweating. When I mentioned that I lived in Dykstra, he said he recognized me as the guy who always wore the beanie. To their surprise, I actually had my beanie with me. In all honesty, I had the beanie because I will never leave my room without wearing it and only took it off before I went to the interview room. To them, I told them that I kept the beanie with me for comfort, which is somewhat true, but I know that I shouldn’t wear a beanie to an interview. So instead of answering the question right away, we used at most a minute talking about my beanie. I then got on to answer the questions which are top secret….

Table 2 – Community

The only thing I had to note about this table was that I did not shake either of their hands because the prostaff said they were trying to minimize risk of flu. I understood the gesture, but the way he went about it shook me a bit. And when I tried to fish out the papers for him, he demanded the envelope to, again, “minimize the risk of infection.”

Table 3 – Teamwork

This table is definitely memorable because of the RA that was staring at me the whole time with a blank expression and wrote down like three things during my entire interview. The prostaff was laughing and smiling along with me, but this guy had no emotion whatsoever and was very hard to crack a smile on him. He didn’t smile until I left.

Table 4 – Engagement?

I’m actually not sure what this table was exactly. I don’t remember the questions but all I remember was that the RA had a name I have heard before but spelled differently and I complimented him on that.

Table 5 – Self-Awareness

The final table in my interview was again memorable (not sure if this has to do with a psychology principle, but most likely) because I know the RD there once again. She was one of the RDs that presented to us during an info session. We spent some time talking about that and talking about how her friend’s jokes were eh that day, but nonetheless she’s a lovable person. That concluded my interview and I felt great about it.

The Debriefing

Once I walked out, I ran into some familiar faces. My two RAs were sitting down on the floor waiting for their shift to start and asked me how it went. When I was told to get debriefed, I met with a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Society who is also an RA. She joked that she has never seen my without my beanie and I assured her and the others watching that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The big shock was when I pulled it out and put it on. She laughed and said “now that is the Noah I know”.

My Thoughts

I personally thought I killed it. Just before the interview started, all my nerves left and I got into my zone. I was feeling great and confident in each and everyone of my answers. Afterwards, I was glad that I was over with everything!

MESH Mentor

And to finish off yesterday, last night I had a MESH mentor revelations night! My mentor is Michael, a 3rd year Biology major. He’s a great guy and I think that the coordinator made great matches! I can’t wait to get to know him more!


And that finishes off everything I did! I was going to treat myself by getting Pokemon Moon, but I was too tired to go to Target last night, but I am definitely doing it today!


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