TBT #14: Visit the Westwood Farmer’s Market

It is time for another True Bruin Tradition! This tradition is one that I tried to get you all for some time now. I just went again last night and I had to get a picture for the TBT!

Below is the Westwood Farmer’s Market. It is located on Broxton Ave. here in the beautiful city of Westwood (obviously). It is every Thursday from 12pm-6pm so don’t worry if you can’t make it because it is always here and goes on for some time. It is also located on a street with some shops and food places so there is a wonderful side trip for those looking to sit down and eat, or grab some candy and soda at Rocket Fizz.

If you are ever looking for a bite of fresh strawberries, a glass of pressed juice, or a wonderful bouquet of flowers, then come down and check it out!

I apologize for the bad quality, my phone camera is not the best! But here is the farmer’s market at night with all the lights on! (those lights come on at night all year round; not only for the holidays!)

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