End of Quarter

I know this is late. Please forgive me, but now I have plenty of time to update you all on how everything went throughout this quarter.


One of my grades didn’t turn out how I expected them to. This was supposed to be my “GPA-Boosting” Quarter and it turns out I did more harm to my GPA than anything. I got a B in Organic Chem which was totally expected, but I got a C+ in Econ. Not only was this the lowest official grade I have received in my life, but also one of the classes that I expected an A in. I am not sure how getting an A average in homework and midterms but getting a low C on the final warrants a C+. I must deal with it, but I am definitely not proud of it. I am currently waiting on my last grade from my History of Mass Imprisonment class, but I am expecting an A. Anything less than an A will drive me nuts. I need to balance this fiasco out.

I took Econ b/c it is a requirement for pre-Pharmacy. Luckily, they only require a passing grade…

Future MESH and PPS Activities

I am so excited for the next quarter as a member of MESH and PPS! For MESH, I will be going to Pico Youth and Family Center twice a week (to my knowledge) to give presentations to ages 14-24 about anything they would like to hear about and what we feel comfortable talking about. I am excited that I will finally be doing something in the community and feel great being apart of something bigger! MESH also has a Winter Retreat during the second week of classes and I cannot wait to see how everyone acts when crammed into a lodge somewhere on Big Bear.

For PPS, I now know how meetings work with them and the trips to pharmacy schools. I cannot wait for future trips and meetings to learn more about the pharmacy profession! I am not sure if they have a retreat, but I know that I will go if they do. I am currently studying for the Pharmacy Technician License Exam which I may take some time during my next quarter.

Random Thoughts

  • I want to get a tattoo of oxytocin on my wrist (if you know what oxytocin is, and get the reference I will give you a gold star)
  • I really want to be an RA
  • My first quarter was oddly eventful but also oddly lackluster
  • I am currently on a train to Stockton that will put me on a bus to San Jose which will put me close enough to where my friend stays so I can visit him for half the week
  • I want to visit a new food place in Westwood each weekend
  • If I have anything else, I will add it to this post!

Thank you to everyone that reads my blogs even though I post so inconsistently!


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