Grades, Trains, and Expectations

Hello all and thank you for sticking with me this long. I hope that you welcome in the new year as I did with a smile on my face in all the glory that the new year will bring! I did promise you an update on everything that has happened so far and what I am looking forward to in the new year so here it is!


So a quick rundown of my grades from Fall Quarter

Chem 14C: As expected, I got a B which is honestly not bad since that was my first organic chemistry class and not many people fare so well in it. It was also the professor’s second time teaching, so there were some slight bumps in the road (such as a 50% test average when he expected 70%). The class was great and the professor was fine. Definitely easier than my general chem classes (Chem 14A and 14B). I had to take this class so I can’t recommend it for anyone who is a non-major.

Hist 12A (History of Mass Imprisonment): Again, as expected, I got an A+. As some of you may know from my Facebook post, this class was impossible to NOT get an A in. The midterm was cumulative from everything from before it and the final was actually just a final project that you could do whatever you want on. I did a song that summarized the class and explored topics that the class didn’t cover so I was expecting a great grade on that (which I got). 8/10 would recommend.

Econ 1: I got a C+. I hate this class. I learned a lot, but I got such a bad grade in the class. The lowest grade I’ve ever received here at school. Luckily I passed but since this class was not for my major and only a requirement for Pharmacy school I’m not too worried. I will never have to take an Econ class again. 5/10 would recommend.

My outlook for this quarter is all B’s. In general, I do well in my science courses; so maintaining a B average is a good place for me. Of course I strive for an A, but realistically I am most likely to receive some form of B.

Trains (and Other Forms of Transportation)


I did a lot of “traveling” this break. It all started with a 10 hour bus/train ride to San Jose to visit one of my friends from school. Here is a quick summary of what I did out there .

  1. Toured San Jose. Within minutes of arriving, I witnessed a bum fight. All the food places were basically closed.
  2. Got to stay in a rather nice house and played video games when not out and about.
  3. Toured Santa Cruz. Walked along a beach, a river, a pier, and played indoor mini golf (I lost).
  4. Ate at a diner that served everything. Then ate at an ice cream place that had every flavor.
  5. Toured San Francisco. Visited a museum (somehow we accidentally snuck/sneaked in). Went to a Christmas party and exchanged horrible white elephant gifts.

That basically concludes my trip to Nor Cal and I had to say it was a blast!

Next, within 4 hours of getting back to my bed, I got up to go to Six Flags with a friend and ex-teacher. We spent all day at the park and stopped for some really good pizza nearby (Vincenzo’s Pizza, Newhall). I had a blast!

I am not sure how far apart these events were, but then I went to a restaurant to celebrate a friends birthday then went Cal State Northridge to further celebrate her birthday. A few sleepovers later, I found myself spending my New Years at Cal State Northridge. Then a few more sleepovers and mall crawls later, I found myself back at UCLA!

In short, I had a great winter break.


I have a lot of expectations this quarter/year. There’s so much that I look forward to doing! Here is a list because why not.

  1. Physics Summer Study Abroad in Sussex, England
  2. Trip to Canada
  3. Pharmacy internship/volunteer position
  4. Laboratory experiments in class
  5. Hilarious professors

So I honestly think that 2017 will be my year and I am looking forward to it!


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