Back in the Saddle

After the first week, I am thrown back into the fire pan. I have four classes this quarter and I feel confident that I can handle them all. The only difference is that all of the classes are science-based and that is a task not many take on willingly. I believe that I will do fine so there are no worries there!


Just a quick rundown of my classes and professors for this quarter.

Life Sciences 3: Molecular biology. Professor Khankhan is hilarious and I enjoy her teaching style. She plays EDM before class starts and tells jokes all throughout lecture. Her teaching style isn’t different from the other LS professors I had, so I expect it to be similar throughout the quarter.

Life Sciences 23L: Introduction to Laboratory Life Sciences. Prof. Pfleugl (flew-gull) is someone I had in LS 2, but I will not be seeing him this quarter since the lectures are all online. This is my first lab class and I am honestly just excited to be wearing a lab coat.

Chemistry 14D: Organic Chemistry and Reactions. Prof. Hardinger is a character to say the least. I have a thing for organic chem so I am excited to be exploring it further. I do think class with Hardinger will be a mixed experience because of his tendency to go a little too far with metaphors…

Psych 100A: Psychological Statistics. This is my first upper div class that doesn’t really feel like an upper div. I am not sure how the class will go since the homework was relatively easy, but I have high hopes for the class. Prof. Stigler is a great guy and I feel that he will do well teaching us.

Overall, I am excited to take all these classes. Each and every one of them tie into each other. The organic chem works into molecular bio which helps with the lab that uses techniques from my psych stats class! It’s the perfect quarter!


  • I officially turned in my Rachel Robinson International Fellowship application which would help me fund my study abroad trip
  • I am officially going to Big Bear for the first time with MESH
  • I am working on an application to UCSF for their two-day insider conference for pre-health students. This includes their pharmacy school which I am planning on applying to in the future!
  • I made it to group process (round 2) of RA interviews! I will find out if I get the position just a few days before my birthday; so that could be either a great or horrible birthday surprise.

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