Freshmen Follies: Laundry Day

This seems to be a great addition to my blog. This is something I needed to do after my freshman year only to see what mistakes my friends made and what I see other freshmen make.

WELCOME TO FRESHMAN FOLLIES. I will discuss all the foolishness and naivety of first-years as I see it and from what I remember. This may or may not be continued after a few of these posts, but if it brings a little joy or laugh to someone, then I did my job. So enjoy the first (small) installment of Freshmen Follies! (I do encourage anyone to comment their Freshmen Follies below! Try to keep it relevant to the topic)

One thing Freshmen seem to be able to do right is do laundry wrong. There is something odd about how many people cannot seem to do laundry right. And you will see what I mean.

Laundry Pods
Freshmen seem to think that laundry pods are supposed to go where the liquid detergent goes. If anyone has used a laundry pod, it is supposed to be thrown into the washer with the clothes. The packages even have instructions… One consequence of this common Freshmen Folly is pod wrappers not being fully dissolved and leaving a plastic-y surprise for the next person.

MLK’s Dream Does NOT Work for Clothes
I know this sounds wrong, but you all get what I mean. Putting a bright red shirt with a bunch of white clothing is the classic laundry mistake. The issue here is that it happens quite often.

I remember in FSP, a friend of mine looked at me in disgust when I walked in on him doing laundry and his white shirts were pink. I told him that he shouldn’t have put colors with whites. It turns out that was his first time doing laundry ever and the first few times he did laundry, he paid his roommate to do it for him. I’m pretty sure at this moment, there is some freshman asking their parents how to do their laundry.

It’s All Washers, Bro*
This one was new, but it was a folly that a friend told me the other day. He said when he was doing his own laundry, he didn’t know that washers were on the bottom and dryers were on top. He thought they were all washers… So he threw his clothes (and laundry pod) into a dryer and wondered why his clothes weren’t wet when he went to go get them and saw the laundry pod contents everywhere. I hope no one else has made that mistake…

*inside joke

That concludes a small list of laundry follies and if you are interested in some more, I will post some in an edit!


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