RA Group Process and Midterms

Hello everyone! Help me welcome in the Chinese New Year with a post about how busy I am!

RA Group Process

First, let’s start off with the group process. Walking in, I felt confident that I would kill it. I had so much help and support from RA’s, Assistant/Resident Directors (ARD/RD), and others that I believe that is what got me through this process altogether. I cannot talk much about the process and what goes on, but all I know is that I made sure that I stood out among my competition/possible future co-workers. I am beyond excited to find out the results on Feb 24th! (it would be a nice early birthday present).

Midterms (Already?)

Well yes it is midterm season everyone! There is no rest for the wicked. Not saying that I am wicked, but these midterms are. Anyway, I have two midterms on Tuesday: Psychological Stats and Microbiology. I am not worried about psych stats because I can use notes and I have a decent background in stats. Microbio has been my worst subject in many cases. I just do not understand anything that has to do with DNA, but I have friends and a natural aptitude to learn this material, so we will see how well I do!

In all honesty, this has been hardest quarter I have had since I started. None of these classes are general ed and I am taking one upper div*. I will get it done and I will succeed so no need to worry about me!

*it sorta is and sorta isn’t an upper div but it is labeled as one.


  • I am currently studying for the pharmacy technician certification exam. The study material covers everything from common drugs, pharmacy law, and pharmacy ethics. With a pharm tech license, I will be able to get work experience in a pharmacy (usually become a paid worker instead of a volunteer). I cannot wait to finally get the experience in a pharmacy and take those steps towards my future career!
  • I just need to sleep

Alright! That concludes everything so far. I am open for any questions anyone may have. Just leave a comment below!


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