UCLA Radio and The Word on Wednesday

UCLA Radio

So for those of you who may have missed it, I was on UCLA radio on DJ Kat and DJ Breezy’s show: Times New Roman. Each show has a central theme (called a “font”) and they bring on special guests to talk on those subjects. The past few “fonts” have been on topics ranging from marijuana to their most recent font, FLAVORZ.

To see how the radio show went and what the guests did, go to their Facebook page Times New Roman!

My experience at UCLA radio was great. Located in an obscure place in Ackerman Union, the UCLA radio station is like an oasis in a desert of monotony. The walls and ceiling were covered with anything and everything (stickers, chalk, paint, marker, etc.) As a guest, I had a chance to sign the wall or the ceiling but I did not take that chance. Instead, I drew on the chalkboard wall while listening to great music and spending time with (new) friends!

While there, I got to see my friend Kat do her DJ thing and see how everyone was just enjoying time to be themselves. I also got a chance to meet another host, Ethan “DJ Leegato”, who’s show I will tune into soon. You can also follow DJ Leegato on his Facebook page Musicology with DJ Leegato!

On the show, I tasted some flavorz not so common to my palette: cantaloupe taffy, green apple pop-rocks, a sour tangerine turned super sweet by the miracle berry, and Sriracha popcorn.

I cannot wait for another shot to be on UCLA Radio and I will ask you all to tune in! (Honestly just tune in anyway… It’s great!)

Times New Roman: Fridays 9-10
Musicology with DJ Leegato: Thursdays noon

The Word on Wednesdays

So for some reason, I have this urge to have my voice heard. First I was on UCLA radio and now I am (hopefully) doing The Word on Wednesdays at 7pm in Kerckhoff Art Gallery.

For those that don’t know, I write short stories, poems, and other pieces every now and then on the side. I have never really performed my work or shown anyone because I kept it a secret. Thanks to a friend, I was encouraged to perform at The Word on Wednesdays and I am doing it! I might go to one and see how it works, then do the next one! I still encourage some of you to come out and let your voice be heard as well! I believe it would be a great experience for me and for some of you that would like a platform!

Regardless if I perform, I will write a post about how my experience at WoW was!

This concludes this post! I hope this got your creative juices flowing!


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