RA Selection Results

Hello everyone! I unfortunately have to bring sad news that I did not get the RA position this year. I was confident that I would get it, but I have accepted that this may have not been a good time for me to be an RA!

On the bright side, I have other opportunities that I could apply for!  Below are programs that I wasn’t going to apply to because I saw myself as an RA, but now I can apply to them and dedicate myself to other leadership programs!

MESH Clinical Assisting Program

The Clinical Assisting Program is an opportunity MESH members can apply to each Winter. Now that I am free to do so, I will apply and see if I get in! Here is a description below from the Clinical Assisting application.

“Clinic Assistants will have the opportunity to work alongside Medical Assistants, Residents and Doctors. At each shift, your responsibility for each patient will be to work independently to take vital signs, complete all necessary charts,  explain health education materials, and take patients to exam rooms.”

PPS Veterans’ Home and Other Volunteering Opportunities

The Pre-Pharmacy Society works closely with organizations that offer volunteering for pre-pharmacy students. One that I know of is the Veterans’ Home. Although I have little information on it now, I will have more by next week!

Life Science Undergraduate Assisting Program

The Undergraduate Assisting Program (or UA Program) allows undergraduates to go back to classes they did well in and help current students with the coursework. I am applying to be a Life Science 23L UA for this upcoming quarter. As an UA, I will receive 4 units, set up office hours, and work closely with students. The UA program also offer pedagogy seminars to enhance teaching abilities. If I get this position, I will look forward to it!

Apply, Apply, APPLY!!!

Yes I am disheartened that I did not get the RA position, but there is a lesson to be learned from this: apply. I applied and I didn’t get it. That will not stop me from applying to other programs. I had one opportunity that I did not get, but that allows me to focus my attention on THREE more opportunities. I would look even worse to the Residential Life Office if I refused to pursue other leadership opportunities. I have time to do this again because there is always next year!


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