Big News!

So I have some news to bring you all to make up for the lack of posting.

Undergraduate Assistant

I got accepted as an Undergraduate Assistant (or “UA” for short) for Life Science 23L (LS23L). A UA is an undergraduate that assists students in the class. UAs (and Learning

Assistants or LAs) span across chemistry, physics, and life science courses at UCLA.

Rat Dissection
Me (bottom right) and my lab partner w/ the rat!

Inthis case, I will be working in the introductory laboratory class that I am in this quarter. The fun part is that I got even week assignments (so far) which mean I get to do the rat dissection lab all over again!

The program comes with a pedagogy seminar that teaches UAs how to teach and how students learn. This allows me to be approachable to students and better help them in class. I will begin taking these classes next quarter, but I already had an orientation that gave me a chance to meet my fellow UAs!

The perks of the class is that I get four units of upper division credits and after UAing for two quarter, I get a letter of rec from the professor! This is great since letters of rec are ESSENTIAL for graduate/professional school. Having connections with professors on this close of a level is priceless and only attainable a few other ways!

I am looking forward to having lab sections again and possibly seeing some of my friends in the section that I am teaching. Also I will have office hours!

Inside UCSF

So I applied for this program called Inside UCSF and I got accepted! Here is a program description from their website:

Inside UCSF is an annual outreach program geared towards students at two- and four-year degree schools who are interested in pursuing careers in health and science.

The two-day program will take place on April 7-8, 2017 and will consist of UCSF student panels, interactive workshops, and an opportunity to meet with University faculty and staff.

Image result for UCSF

I am excited to be apart of this program because it immerses me in my number one choice for pharmacy school and is an all-expense paid trip to UCSF; which, for lack of a better description, pretty awesome. The panels I will attend have to do with pharmacy developments, laws, and student/faculty panels. I cannot wait to go, but it is right around the corner. The program dates are April 7th-8th which is only 3 weeks away!

Here are some program stats: There were 900 applicants; they took 100; and out of the 100, 23 are there for the pharmacy program which I am 1 of the 23.

I encourage anyone interested in health and science to apply. This year the UCSF Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, the Graduate Division and Physical Therapy will be there to expose and educate students on topics affecting the healthcare system. And I will leave you with that!

MESH: Project Hearts Site Visit

In a couple hours, I will be on my way to Pico Youth and Family Center (PYFC) to talk about healthy eating and how it pertains specifically to the heart. There is a chef, “Chef”, that will be making Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs while we explain the health benefits of theImage result for teriyaki turkey meatballs meal. Chef aims to make healthy inexpensive meals that under-served communities can afford to make and enjoy as a family. This will be my second experience with PYFC
and I want to see how it goes! I will update you all afterwards to make up for my lack of posting in the past two weeks.

Anything else?

There is plenty else I can tell you, but I will have to sign off for now. I can say that you should expect a post about the Jackie Robinson Foundation Mentoring and Leadership Conference, finals that are next week, and study abroad news!


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