Finals Week!

I will post an update on how I felt about it after each one; so watch this post!

Monday: Life Science 23L
Thoughts: I had an hour to do it and it took me 20mins. I am confident that I got at least a B on it. I just hope that it looks good because I am going to be a UA for that class…

Wednesday: Psych 100A
Thoughts: I had 3 hours to do it and it took me 30mins. It was okay. I do predict that I will get a B on the test and a B in the course seeing as my average with all the exams has been a B so far. With a reference sheet he allowed us to have and taking the final on a computer, it saves me time to study for the two harder classes coming up…

Thursday: Chem 14D
Thoughts: It went really well. I believe that I got at least an 80 (which is a low A on the professor’s grading scale) on the final so I am expecting a high B this quarter! Also I was so drained after the final that I did not have the energy to do anything for hours afterwards and stayed up until 5am studying for today’s LS3 final.

Friday: Life Science 3
Thoughts: Well I don’t even know what to say. That was the hardest class for me and I think the final mirrored that. I figure I will get a C in this class, but that is because I could not devote the time to it that it really needed. Luckily the class is over with and I can get on with my academic career.

First time having 4 finals… wish me luck!


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