Winter Wrap-up

Sorry for the late post again! I was waiting for grades to be put up before I write my final words for the quarter, but not all my grades have been put up.


So far, I have received a B in both chemistry and psychology, a B+ in life science 23L, and a C+ in LS3.

For those of you who know, I had a hard time in LS3 and getting a C+ is actually a blessing. If I had gotten a C-, I would have to retake it because pharmacy schools require  C or higher for admission. Even though a C- is passing, it is not passing for some of the top schools in the world.

I am also glad I got a B+ in LS23L because that means, as a UA, I have confidence in being able to help others in the class. (Honestly rat anatomy and human physiology totally messed with me.)

Classes this Quarter

I am looking forward to only having two classes this quarter, but actively searching for a third. Because I am a UA I get 4 units which can be added to my total units to be considered a full-time student even with two classes. And the two classes, Chem 14BL and LS1, are both manageable and I am sure that having just those two along with a biweekly lab class is something totally manageable.

Inside UCSF

As the weekend approaches, I am getting more and more excited to be going to UCSF to explore their pharmacy program! I just recently went to USC’s pharmacy school info session where I ran into Mr. Peter Dean and Dr. Susie Park again which might be a nudge in the direction of USC… It is up to UCSF to sell me on the their school!


That is about it! I am excited for this quarter. Lots of big things happening I already know!


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