Week 1, UA, Inside UCSF and Study Abroad?

Hello all! As Week 1 comes to a close, I have some updates for you all!

Week 1

Week 1 seems to all over the place since I have more meetings than classes! Since I (technically) only have one class a day, all of these meetings threw off my schedule this week. On Monday, I had a meeting for Undergraduate Assisting (more on this later) and a lab safety seminar for Chem 14BL. On Tuesday,  the UA pedagogy seminar started (again, more on this later) and MESH kicked off their first general meeting. Wednesday, I went back home to apply for a passport so I will count that as a meeting. And today I missed my PPS meeting, but that still counts as a meeting.

I believe that this quarter will be a lot lighter than last quarter. Going from 4 classes to 2 classes is a huge jump; and both classes are intro courses to biology and chemistry lab. So far, both classes are a lot of busy work which I expected, but personally do not care much for.

I will be looking forward to a high GPA this quarter!

Undergraduate Assisting

As a UA, I have the responsibility to facilitate learning among my peers. I look forward to being a UA because I will be assisting TAs in a lab setting, developing my teaching skills, and delve into teaching a bit.

One thing the UA program offers is a pedagogy seminar each week that teaches UAs how to teach and how people learn. Our progress as learning facilitators will be assessed through class surveys, class assignments, and peer reviews. We get to work closely with the teaching staff that teach the courses we UA for so we can all effectively guide students to improving in classes.

I cannot wait to begin my first lab section next Thursday!

Inside UCSF

Tomorrow is the big day! At 5am I will be headed to LAX to head to UCSF to take apart of their program where they open up their graduate schools to 100 select individuals interested in their school. I am excited to meet my cohort, make some new connections, and explore SF a bit more!

Since it is only two days and pretty fast-paced, I will not be bringing my laptop with me so I will not have updates for you all until the end of the program. I am excited to be going to my top choice for pharmacy school!

Study Abroad!

For those of you who do not know, I am studying abroad in the next two months! I am going to Sussex, England to study physics for 8 weeks! Below is the link to my Go Fund Me page!


(if you have Venmo, I suggest using that since Go Fund Me takes a percentage. Here is my Venmo: @ndburton)


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