Inside UCSF Pt. II: Places

As you may know by now, UCSF is located in the wonderful, awesome, expensive city of San Francisco. For those of you that do not know, San Francisco (SF) is home to the Golden Gate Bridge that is actually painted red. More importantly, SF is home to the 10th UC: UC San Francisco. And that is where my story will start.

UCSF Parnassus Campus

The UCSF Parnassus Campus is the center of the health sciences for UCSF. Quite similarly to UCLA, UCSF has a hospital attached to it that operates as a full-fledged hospital and teaching facility. It is also home to the five schools that Inside UCSF let us explore: Nursing, Medicine, Dental, Graduate Division, and (best for last) Pharmacy. The Parnassus campus is pretty big I might say and has some decent amount of greenery. When we went of a tour, the pharmacy students brought us to the top of some building that may have belonged to the pharmacy school (I am not sure where we were or why we were up there) that offered us a great view of the bay and the Golden Gate bridge. However, I could not stay up there as long as I wish I could have because there were so many bugs on the ground that I thought they were crawling on me. Imagine me, a 200+lb guy jumping around in business casual because I thought pill bugs were crawling on me. Let that sink in. Anyway, as we were headed back down to the main auditorium, I could totally picture myself going to school there.

Villa Florence

The Villa Florence was our little home for the night of the program. This hotel was in a beautifully lit area called Union Square that had so much to see; even late at night. I stayed in my room for a little bit until someone said they were going to go on a boba run. Union Square was such a lovely place even at night. We walked up and down the streets looking for the boba place suggested to us by the pharmacy students called i-Tea. Although we couldn’t find it, we took some awesome pictures on this bridge and walked into this back-alley that doubled as an extension of several bars and restaurants. It was totally worth not finding i-Tea. In the process, we lost a few people, but we later met up with them when they were coming back from getting boba themselves from the first place we planned on going, Boba Guys. I had the Chocochata, a chocolate horchata boba drink that was muy delicioso. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle which meant our trip was coming to an end. Walking back was semi-effortless, but we had to stop to take some great photos with a heart on the corner of this park-like central gathering space. We ran back inside, finished our boba, and headed to someone’s room to talk the night away.

I wish there were more places for us to see and more for me to write about, but there is a lot more that I have yet to reveal! Stay tuned! There are two more parts to this story!


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