Week 4 Update: Midterms, Aspirin, and Other Cool Things

I apologize for the lack of content. Although this has been my most chill quarter, the classes I am in are just filled with busy work that keeps me on all night long. All excuses aside, here is a Week 4 update brought to you by your favorite True Bruin.

Midterms Round 1

Lets get ready to study! Its midterm season here at UCLA and you can see all the students congregating in every open space there is–study rooms, lounges, libraries, the lawns, you name it! Some students have exams, papers, projects, and/or presentations all due this week, next week, the week after the next, and probably even last week. Midterm season is every season except final season and that’s a fact!

Now onto our lineup. Here we have Noah Burton, everyone’s favorite Blue and Gold student, getting ready for his Life Science 1 midterm. Let’s see how he feels about it:

“The class is mostly a nod to high school bio. Nothing different than what I have already learned previously. This class goes into slightly more detail, but it’s nothing hard to grasp. I will be expecting a B on this midterm as I do with most of my midterms anyway; however, seeing as though I only have two classes, I should study hard enough to get an A. Overall, I feel very confident on my performance on this midterm.”

Wow! You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice! So much sincerity and passion behind all his words. Now, Noah, when and what is your next match-up?

“Yeah so I’m also in Chem 14BL which is just an intro lab. The class overall is just busy work, but I am not sure what to expect for this midterm. This would be my first chem lab midterm so I am just going to see what is thrown at me. There is some material that I can study, but at the moment I am focusing on LS1. Also, the midterm is in class which means it’s only 50mins on a Friday; so it can’t be that bad, right?”

Just listening to him talk brings a tear to my eye. This man is a fighter and he will go far–I can already see it. Well we will hear back from our very own Noah Burton by the end of the week on how the midterms went. Until next time!


OMG I totally made aspirin today in lab. For this lab and, like, the next two labs, we will be working with our own aspirin product. You don’t even know how excited I am for this project! I know its like nothing compared to what I hope to be doing in like the future and everything, but like it is so fun working with chemicals and things getting a final product from it! I am totally psyched for these next few labs! Ciao!

Other Updates

My sister is in her high school play, High School Musical, and I will be going down there to see her perform this Saturday! I’m so glad to see her get in school programs and make the best of her high school experience. I can’t wait to see what other events I will be going to in the future!

The newest interviewees for the Jackie Robinson Foundation Class of 2021 will be coming to UCLA for interviews and I will be getting a chance to help out during the interviews. It is always a pleasure to see what the newest cohort will bring to the table. The class of 2020 definitely brought some talent.

I will be administering UA evaluations this week; so hopefully my students like me enough to give me honest feedback on what I should continue to do, what I should stop, what I can work on, and what I should start doing.


That about sums it up folks! I know that I left all of you hanging on the Inside UCSF trip. I think about finishing the series every day. Give me some time and it will definitely be finished. Instead of breaking it up into two more parts, I might just mesh the next two together in order to get it out of the way so you all can have content and I can get rid of that looming presence of keeping you all informed and entertained.

Until next time!


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