Midterms and Musicals

To start things off, I did pretty okay on my first midterm for LS1. I thought I did better than what I got, but nonetheless I am okay with what I got. For Chem 14BL, that is another story… because I never took the test because the test is THIS UPCOMING FRIDAY and not the Friday that just passed like I thought it was. I guess I just begged to be so busy that I pushed a midterm up a week.

I just got back from visiting home to see my sister in her school’s production of High School Musical Jr. which turned out pretty great! She played a few background roles, but her natural talent drew all eyes on her when she was on stage (I could just be saying that since she is my sister, but she is naturally talented in performing and facial expressions). It was a great experience to see my sister on stage where her acting can shine through. This adds to her list of stage performances: cheerleading, dance, rapping, and now acting! You go girl!

That is all! Thanks for tuning in every now and then! It keeps me writing!


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