Friday was NOT my day…

First: Showed up to my first class late and had to sit way in the back. Also I didn’t have my glasses and I don’t remember what she even taught or how it applied to the class.

Second: I showed up to my in-class midterm for chemistry. The only issue is that I forgot my calculator. Luckily, the professor allowed me to borrow a calculator. Also I totally bombed that midterm.

Third: I lost every ranked game on League of Legends and got demoted to Bronze IV. For those that do not know, that is the second lowest rank you could be in the game. And once I was on track to win a game, I get disconnected and could not get back into the game so I know they lost. However, this saved me somewhat for the next one…

Fourth: I was like 30mins late to my UA meeting because I lost track of time by playing the game. I show up to the meeting all late and had no clue what I was doing. I thought one of the TAs was a UA and embarassed myself, but she was cool about it and turns out she plays League of Legends, too, so that was a cool bonding moment.

So there’s about four things that did not go as well as they could have on my Friday, but luckily it was nothing severe or detrimental to me in anyway.

I hope you all have better days in the future and look back at your days and assess whether or not things happened for a reason.

Have a great week!


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