Going Greek: Ayane T.

So I am starting a new segment on my blog that I hope to expand in other ways. This segment will look into what really goes on in a fraternity or sorority. I will be interviewing people from fraternities/sororities whether they be social or professional, to hear their thoughts on frat life. Let’s get to it.

I will start off with name of the member, name of fraternity/sorority, how long they have been a member, when they joined, and then any words by them.

Name: Ayane T.
Member of: Chi Alpha Delta (ΧΑΔ)
Joined: Fall 2015
Member for: 2 years

Q: What’s it like being in an Asian sorority? Especially, the first one?

Ayane T.: “It’s great to be in a supportive sisterhood that is a home away from home as cliche as that sounds. Even tho we’re an “Asian” sorority, we are all very unique. We have Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Hapa sisters. Sisters come from places like New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin, Norcal, Socal and Hong Kong. Some of us are pre-med, others pre-law, and others that are adventurous and want to go into entertainment. Because we are so diverse, being in [Chi Alpha Delta] has been a great learning experience. Everyone has a different perspective on life. Being in the first Asian sorority is especially rewarding because we have a long history of supporting women of color in traditionally white institutions.

Here is the link to Chi Alpha Delta!

This is a little beginning post. I will have more for you on Ayane and others in the future posts! Ask me what you would like to know about fraternity/sorority life in the comments or private message me.

Also I’m looking for a catchy title, so if you have suggestions, let me know!

Edit: I found a title: Going Greek!


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