Content Categories

So I have a lot of categories that I have added to my blog and some that I have discontinued (that I may bring back). Here is a list of categories that you can check out!

500 Things I Want: It has been a while since I wanted something because every time I check the list, I already put down what I want. This list is hard, but it is still something I think about and will update in the future. (Seriously try this… its hard. Here is the link to Steve Harvey’s 500 Things You Want Challenge)

Bruin Day: I may continue to help during Bruin Day in the future, but I did not help this year due to being busy. Here’s to Bruin Day 2018! (I hope to be a tour guide!)

*Freshman Tips: This is something that I can expand on and change it up. I might mix it with “Freshman Follies” as like a Problem-Solution post. Also I have to change the name to something more inclusive like “Frosh Follies”.

Going Greek: This is the most recent category that will have several posts within it. These are the future topics I would like to cover:
-Social Fraternity
-Service Fraternity
-Divine Nine Fraternity + Sorority
-Non-Black Fraternity
-Professional Fraternity (possibly one in STEM and the other in Humanities)

*Question of the Day: This will be discontinued but I will leave it in the archive for future reflection.

*Tales of a UA: I thought I would have more to post, but I didn’t think of anything worth writing about. I can add to this when I have no content to post because some of the stories are pretty funny by very short.

The Big One!: Is updated after each year of college. So there will be one coming soon!

True Bruin Tradition: This is the origin of this blog; hence, the name “A True Bruin Story”. I know I haven’t been posting to that in a while, but there are some traditions that I have fulfilled that I either have not documented or have not reported on yet. I know that I have to redo some of them and get a better system of recording the ones that I have done.

Freshmen Follies: *see “Freshman Tips” above*

Glossary: I promised a glossary, but have not delivered. Very difficult to upkeep. I also think it might be easier to make it an Appendix.

Inside UCSF 2017: I still haven’t finished this. School got tough and I had to focus on school, but I still remember it like it was yesterday…

JRF – Mentoring and Leadership Conference: These will continue as long as I am a Jackie Robinson Foundation scholar and attend the conference. I’d expect two more at least.

*Psych Stuff: I hope to continue this as my knowledge of psychology expands. I usually spend more time updating this over summer, but summer 2017 will be allocated to a different topic… also I need a better name for this.

Quick Tips: This is the same as Psych Stuff. As my knowledge progresses in psych and I have some free time to talk about quick tips on how to deal with people or situations, I will provide the content.

Student Spotlights: I have only done one student spotlight, but there is so much more that I would like to do with this. I know so many amazingly talented people that have done equally amazing things. I have one person I have to interview immediately before they fall off my radar!

I know it seems like I spread myself thin… I believe I have. There is just so much that goes on on this campus that I want to be able to write about all of it! There are things that I am discontinuing and putting on the back burner to be checked on later, but for the time being, everything marked with an asterisk (*) is put on hold (until further notice).



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