Operation: Send Noah to England is a GO!

Today is a big day for me. I will be departing on my first international flight to the UK to study physics abroad for 2 months through UC Education Abroad Program.
I was told about the program through my counselor during Freshman Summer Program two summers ago. I said I would do it then and here I am waiting at my gate…
In short I would like to thank all the people that helped me get here. I am a product of all the time and effort you all put into me. Know that I represent you everywhere I go.
Speaking of representation, I am representing three large entities abroad. I represent #UCLA as student abroad. I represent the United States as a #GilmanScholar. Finally I represent the #JackieRobinsonFoundation; specifically as a recipient of the #RachelRobinsonInternationalFellowship also known as #RRIF.
Know that I represent you all and myself first and foremost in the grand scheme of things. I will take lots of photos, bring back lots of souvenirs, and tell plenty of stories… so prepare to join me on this amazing new journey!

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