Life as a Brit: Culture Shock

So there are a few things that our British counterparts do and have that would be weird to us and vice versa. For this post, I will post some instances where the British life shocked me.

  • My RA: “Yeah I’m going to karaoke later tonight if you want to get a drink with me”
  • If you ask for lemonade, they give you Sprite
  • They don’t really ice their drinks like Americans
  • What is a water fountain?
  • Brighton’s beach is pebbles; not sand.
  • I asked for barbecue sauce and was told: “we have brown sauce, if that’s what you meant”.
  • It seems like no one has body shame and go out looking how they please.
  • Lots of tattoos and piercings
  • Everyone has the best or famous fish and chips, but none of them are world famous like Harry Ramsden’s
  • The groceries here are definitely cheaper than America, even if you do the conversion

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