British Chocolate Bars

So the Brits have chocolate bars that are unknown to the citizens of the United States. Below are the chocolate bars I have tried along with what I think about them.


One thing you will notice is that British chocolate bars are named after the properties of the chocolate. If you can infer the properties of a Crunchie bar based off what I just told you, you could say that this bar is crunchy. It is.

Crunchie is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury. It gets its name from the crunchy honeycomb that is covered in milk chocolate. Interesting combination, right? Honeycomb and chocolate?

I am personally not a fan of the Crunchie bar. I am big on textures when it comes to food and the I was not a fan of the crunch despite it tasting pretty good.


The British call airplanes “aeroplanes” so you can guess what properties this chocolate bar has. No? Well it has air bubbles in it. This gives the bar a smooth, pseudo-melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Aero is made by Nestle UK and comes in two flavors that I know of: Milk chocolate and Mint. I believe one of the taglines of the bar is “feel the bubbles” which you definitely do.

Going back to the texture, I was not a fan of the “bubbles” but the flavor is really good (speaking on behalf of the mint flavor). I have noticed that I have not been able to finish any of the British chocolate bars since I’ve gotten here and ended up giving it away to someone.

Double Decker

The UK is famous for its double decker buses and presumably its double decker chocolate bar. In commercials for a Double Decker, they often have double decker buses to allude to where it got its name from

Double Decker is made by Cadbury. It has a crunchy “cereal” bottom (think Rice Krispies) and a layer of nougat (like a Snickers). Those two layers (hence the name) are then coated in Cadbury’s famous milk chocolate.

I personally like the Double Decker. The crunchy bottom is contrasted with the nougat which is a texture I personally enjoy. I could say this could be the “cousin” of a Snickers bar (my personal favorite).


Going based off the name, one could suspect that this chocolate has malt in it. This is one of the chocolates that isn’t actually a bar, but individual balls of malt coated in chocolate

Maltesers are made by Mars. Sweet malt coated in a layer of what was rumored to be Cadbury chocolate, but who am I to say it is or isn’t?

I am not a fan of malt, but I am a fan of Maltesers. I don’t know how they managed to make malt taste good despite how I hate the texture of malt. I feel like Maltesers beats Whoppers any day.


A classic Mars bar. This is one of the bars that does not get its name from its properties, but instead of its manufacturer. Unless you’re a big fan of the Mars bar, you could say the flavor is out of this world.

Mars bar is made by Mars (unsurprisingly). The best way I can think of a Mars bar is a Snickers minus the peanuts. Smooth caramel, nougat, and chocolate all wrapped into one.

I personally do not like the Mars bar because I fancy the peanuts in the Snickers. It is a good bar, but I just feel like it is missing something (the peanuts).



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