Going Greek #2

In the second installment of Going Greek (I finally have a name for it), we have Cambria C. from Alpha Chi Omega here to give us a little insight about how she feels about the pros, cons, and stigmas of Going Greek. Name: Cambria C. Member of: Alpha Chi Omega (ΑΧO) Joined: Fall 2016 Member for: 1 years […]

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Going Greek #1

So I am starting a new segment on my blog that I hope to expand in other ways. This segment will look into what really goes on in a fraternity or sorority. I will be interviewing people from fraternities/sororities whether they be social or professional, to hear their thoughts on frat life. Let’s get to […]

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So Friday was not my day First: Showed up to my first class late and had to sit way in the back. Also I didn’t have my glasses and I don’t remember what she even taught or how it applied to the class. Second: I showed up to my in-class midterm for chemistry. The only […]

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Midterms and Musicals

To start things off, I did pretty okay on my first midterm for LS1. I thought I did better than what I got, but nonetheless I am okay with what I got. For Chem 14BL, that is another story… because I never took the test because the test is THIS UPCOMING FRIDAY and not the […]

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Tales of a UA #1

To take a small break from all the UCSF posting–which will resume later this evening with pt. III–I will talk about my first experience as an undergraduate assistant. I am a UA for LS23L which is the introductory lab science course here for life science students. My duties as a UA include doing the little […]

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Inside UCSF Pt. II: Places

As you may know by now, UCSF is located in the wonderful, awesome, expensive city of San Francisco. For those of you that do not know, San Francisco (SF) is home to the Golden Gate Bridge that is actually painted red. More importantly, SF is home to the 10th UC: UC San Francisco. And that […]

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Inside UCSF Pt. I: People

Inside UCSF was a really great experience! I am proud to be apart of the 2017 Inside UCSF cohort! In order to get 100% of the content out, I will break up Inside UCSF into categories based off of nouns: People, Places, Things, and Ideas. The Dynamic Duo The admin, staff, and volunteers really made […]

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