Life as a Brit: Culture Shock

So there are a few things that our British counterparts do and have that would be weird to us and vice versa. For this post, I will post some instances where the British life shocked me. My RA: “Yeah I’m going to karaoke later tonight if you want to get a drink with me” If […]

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Content Categories

So I have a lot of categories that I have added to my blog and some that I have discontinued (that I may bring back). Here is a list of categories that you can check out! 500 Things I Want: It has been a while since I wanted something because every time I check the list, […]

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Finals Week

Today was the beginning of my finals week. For the week, I have only two finals: Chem 14BL and LS1. 14BL was today at 3pm and let me tell you: that final took every last second and as much effort as I can muster in order to finish before they called time. I love the […]

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Going Greek: Cambria C.

In the second installment of Going Greek (I finally have a name for it), we have Cambria C. from Alpha Chi Omega here to give us a little insight about how she feels about the pros, cons, and stigmas of Going Greek. Name: Cambria C. Member of: Alpha Chi Omega (ΑΧO) Joined: Fall 2016 Member for: 1 years […]

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Going Greek: Ayane T.

So I am starting a new segment on my blog that I hope to expand in other ways. This segment will look into what really goes on in a fraternity or sorority. I will be interviewing people from fraternities/sororities whether they be social or professional, to hear their thoughts on frat life. Let’s get to […]

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Friday was NOT my day… First: Showed up to my first class late and had to sit way in the back. Also I didn’t have my glasses and I don’t remember what she even taught or how it applied to the class. Second: I showed up to my in-class midterm for chemistry. The only issue […]

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Midterms and Musicals

To start things off, I did pretty okay on my first midterm for LS1. I thought I did better than what I got, but nonetheless I am okay with what I got. For Chem 14BL, that is another story… because I never took the test because the test is THIS UPCOMING FRIDAY and not the […]

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