Tales of a UA #1

To take a small break from all the UCSF posting–which will resume later this evening with pt. III–I will talk about my first experience as an undergraduate assistant. I am a UA for LS23L which is the introductory lab science course here for life science students. My duties as a UA include doing the little […]

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Inside UCSF Pt. II: Places

As you may know by now, UCSF is located in the wonderful, awesome, expensive city of San Francisco. For those of you that do not know, San Francisco (SF) is home to the Golden Gate Bridge that is actually painted red. More importantly, SF is home to the 10th UC: UC San Francisco. And that […]

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Inside UCSF Pt. I: People

Inside UCSF was a really great experience! I am proud to be apart of the 2017 Inside UCSF cohort! In order to get 100% of the content out, I will break up Inside UCSF into categories based off of nouns: People, Places, Things, and Ideas. The Dynamic Duo The admin, staff, and volunteers really made […]

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Winter Wrap-up

Sorry for the late post again! I was waiting for grades to be put up before I write my final words for the quarter, but not all my grades have been put up. Grades So far, I have received a B in both chemistry and psychology, a B+ in life science 23L, and a C+ […]

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Finals Week!

I will post an update on how I felt about it after each one; so watch this post! Monday: Life Science 23L Thoughts: I had an hour to do it and it took me 20mins. I am confident that I got at least a B on it. I just hope that it looks good because […]

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Big News!

So I have some news to bring you all to make up for the lack of posting. Undergraduate Assistant I got accepted as an Undergraduate Assistant (or “UA” for short) for Life Science 23L (LS23L). A UA is an undergraduate that assists studentsĀ in the class. UAs (and Learning Assistants or LAs) span across chemistry, physics, […]

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The Word on Wednesday (Late Post)

Here is my take on the Word on Wednesday. Great experience for anyone that fits well with the vibe. The setting supports raw, uncensored speech and emotion while also supporting classic, go-to poetry. As the night progressed, I felt more and more inclined to present, but I did not take the chance. I do see […]

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